Monday Musings

monday musings

So, this post is super late, but it’s still Monday where I am, so I’m calling it good :)

How was your weekend? It’s been getting warm here and finally starting to feel like summer. It’s also been humid which is not so fun since we’re not super used to it here in good ol’ San Diego, so I’m hoping that goes away soon. I know, poor Christina has to sacrifice herself and live in San Diego…

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been making baby food and absolutely loving every second of it.  We tried starting Cecilia on solids once we got the green light from her pediatrician, but she wasn’t totally having it then, so we stopped. It’s been a month since then and we’ve started up again and she’s become quite the little eater. We feed her “people food” once a day, and we don’t feed her much of it, but she LOVES it. She loves grabbing the spoon and chomping on it and her favorite food so far is apples + cinnamon. Who can blame her, right? Every time I make it, I want to eat the whole bowl myself!

During one of Cecilia’s naps this past week, I watched a marathon of the new Bravo show Odd Mom Out. Have you seen it? It’s witty and well-written and I totally recommend it. In other TV news, I’m pretty much just watching the Housewives in the evening. Is there nothing else on in the summer?

This week I went on my first solo run since I had our baby girl. I can’t tell you how great it felt! Every time I felt like stopping, I just thought of her and it kept me going. I went farther than I thought I would and I felt great the next day – no soreness and I can’t wait for my time out!

Tonight I ate that delicious cheesecake in the picture above. I think it was the first time in a long time my husband and I hadn’t finished a dessert we shared. It was so rich and so delicious! I turned 33 today, and I think this will be the best year yet!

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams {Santa Barbara, CA}

Do you remember always being asked as a kid what your favorite food was?

mcconnell's fine ice cream {santa barbara}

When answering that question, I feel like the answer was always either pizza or ice cream. Now, I love me some pizza, but I was always in the ice cream camp.

I’ve had lots of ice cream, I’ve made lots of ice cream and I will never turn down ice cream when it’s offered to me. I mean, does anyone turn down ice cream when it’s offered to them? If you do, I don’t think we can be friends.

Just kidding. We can be friends, I just don’t know if I can trust someone who would ever turn down ice cream. Again, just kidding.

Sort of.

Well…maybe not.

I came across McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream a few months ago when I stumbled upon the blog Taste and Tell. I immediately started following them on Instagram and became obsessed with their unique flavors. When we took our road trip north last month, we made a stop in Santa Barbara to specifically visit one of their locations. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember this shot I took of my flavors (half Eureka lemon and marionberries and half chocolate covered strawberry). My husband shared the ice cream with me and fell in love with the Eureka lemon and marionberries and kept talking about it in the weeks after our trip.

mcconnell's fine ice cream {santa barbara}

We stayed the night in Santa Barbara a couple of weeks back and all my husband and I could think about was visiting McConnell’s again. Before I chat about the flavors we picked on our second trip, I must say that I absolutely LOVE that they let you split one scoop between two flavors, so you can try more even if you’re only wanting a scoop. Score one for McConnell’s!

So, this trip my husband got half Eureka lemon and marionberries (BIG surprise, right?) and half boysenberry rosé milk jam (his ice cream is pictured above). I opted for half summer fruit cobbler and half strawberry rhubarb milk jam (see below for the milk jam half; the picture farther down is of the summer fruit cobbler half).

mcconnell's fine ice cream {santa barbara}

I think with these new flavors, we each fell even more in love with McConnell’s. We tried both milk jam flavors they were offering and after the first bite my husband asked if I could make milk jam ice cream. He also said McConnell’s was the best ice cream he’d ever had and to this day asks me to make lemon and marionberry ice cream. I’ve honestly never heard my husband speak so highly of any place we’ve been and continually bring it up in conversation. I have to say that I agree with him and McConnell’s probably tops my all-time list for ice cream. And, as I mentioned, I’m no ice cream novice.

mcconnell's fine ice cream {santa barbara}

The texture of these ice creams is so creamy and perfect and they are just the right amount of sweet. Some ice creams I’ve had are so sweet that even an hour later you have an icky feeling in your mouth because of it. You’ll have none of that here. All you’ll be feeling an hour later is a want for more McConnell’s! It’s seriously dreamy stuff, y’all.

The only thing I’m bummed about is that I didn’t inquire about their ice cream club. Yes – I said ice cream club! Ack! McConnell’s straight to your door each month! I seriously can’t think of anything better. The reason I’m bummed is because we’d be totally into it, but there’s no info on their website :( I guess I’ll just have to visit again to ask and sign up!

Not only does McConnell’s have two locations in Santa Barbara, but they also have one in Ventura and in the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles. AAAANNNNNDDDD…you can buy pints online through their website.

Did I mention this is the best ice cream ever? Just in case, I’ll leave you with this…

Best. Ice Cream. Ever.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I’ve received no compensation from this post. I just love this ice cream and wanted to share the love with you :)


DIY Painted Piggy Bank

Nap time is becoming very productive for me.

DIY baby piggy bank

Not only is nap time when I write posts for this site, but it’s also become the time when I cook, bake and do craft projects for Cecilia’s room and the rest of the house; but, really mostly Cecilia’s room :)

I recently purchased a new shelving/storage unit for her room, so now I have a little shelf that needs to be decorated. Since she was born I wanted to paint a piggy bank with her name on it and now, not only did I have the time to do it, but also a perfect place to put it. Win, win!

DIY baby piggy bank

I started off having a vague idea of a design that was modeled off of the piggy bank I had when I was little. I knew I wanted her name on it and I knew I wanted flowers on it, but how I was going to arrive at my final product was up in the air. I bought all of the tools above at my local Michael’s craft store. I didn’t end up using the sponge brushes or the acrylic paint pen, but I bought them just in case since I was going with the flow as I was painting this little piggy.

DIY baby piggy bank DIY baby piggy bank

I have to say that I LOVED using the Martha Stewart Crafts Fine-Tip Tops. They screw right onto the top of her acrylic paint bottles and were nice to use for the writing of Cecilia’s name, the center of the flowers and the aqua dot details (see photos of the flowers and dots below).

When I first got the idea of painting a piggy bank for Cecilia, I wanted to go to one of those paint-your-own pottery places, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t because the acrylic paint on this type of piggy bank were very forgiving. If I made a mistake, all I had to do was get a damp paper towel and, voila! Mistake be gone!

I painted Cecilia’s name on the bank first, then started on the flowers. I practiced them a few different ways on a blank sheet of paper and found a way that worked best for me. I first took a thin, flat paint brush (I used the medium size flat brush from this set) and made six simple brush strokes in the shape of a flower (see below).

DIY baby piggy bank

I let that dry a bit, then rounded out the strokes with the same brush. I after that dried for a bit, I added a second coat. I kept some of the texture the extra coat of paint added, but you can smooth it out with the brush if you prefer that.

DIY baby piggy bank

Then, I took my white acrylic paint with another fine-tip top and added the center of the flower.

DIY baby piggy bank

After that, I added as many flowers as I wanted, some squiggly vine detail with brown paint and some aqua dots (both with the fine-tip top) around the money slot at the top of the bank and the piggy’s ears.

DIY baby piggy bank

After that, it was time to make the first official deposit! Her great-grandma Barbara sent her a generous gift and I thought it’d be the perfect thing to pop in her new piggy bank!

DIY baby piggy bank

TOOLS USED (all purchased at Michael’s):
Piggy Bank (not found online, but available in store in two sizes – I used the smaller size)
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint in Meadowlark (yellow), Arrowhead (brown), Summer Linen (white) and Aquarium (aqua)
Martha Stewart Crafts Detailing 5pc Brush Set
Martha Stewart Crafts Fine-Tip Tops

Monday Musings

monday musings

Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there! How was your weekend? Ours was a complete whirlwind! We took our second trip in as many weeks, this time up to the Bay Area to visit family and for my husband’s work. I always wish my trips up there were longer and now that we have the baby I wish that even more.

This weekend was Cecilia’s first plane trip and she did so well! There were a couple of mini meltdowns, but nothing crazy, thank goodness! I love that she’s become quite the little traveler and that I’ve become more efficient at packing for these trips of ours. Our first trip our car was packed to the roof (well, not really, but I packed a TON) and this time for the three of us we had two check in bags, two carry-ons, my husband’s instrument and the car seat. That may sound like a lot to some, but compared to what it could have been, I was proud of myself :)

Even though our trip was so short, I was so thankful to just even get the time we got with family. She got to meet cousins, aunts and uncles she’d never met before and we got to spend part of Father’s Day with my dad. Now that Cecilia is here, it makes it even harder to be far away from our family, so we try to make the most out of every second we spend with them.

It’s getting warm(er) here in San Diego, so I’m going to take advantage of the deliciously sweet strawberries that are in the markets and make some ice cream this week! Ack! So excited!

What TV have you been watching lately and do you recommend? I’m still in a Housewives groove and haven’t been watching much else.

I was on such a roll with my summer reading list, but our crazy travel schedule has me thrown off. I normally read when Cecilia naps, but since I’ve been exhausted from traveling I end up just turning on the TV or napping myself. I’m still four books into my goal of 10, so hopefully I get there before Labor Day! What are you reading?

Five Favorites: Baby Items, Part Three

five favorites: baby edition, part III

Well, I’m back for another round of baby favorites! I’ve been doing these posts every six weeks and they have become my favorite posts to write. Not only do I love highlighting the products we’re using and love (and hopefully helping other moms and babies along the way), but it’s so crazy how the the type of products have changed as she’s gotten older and that after 4 1/2 months, I still have five new, awesome products to share each time! If you need to catch up on my past baby favorites, you can find part one here and part two here.

Dreft Laundry Stain Remover Spray – Oh baby, do I love love love the smell of Dreft products. Before Cecilia was born I used another unscented brand to wash all her clothes and they had a very strong chemical smell that made me ill. Bleh. I started using Dreft after she was born and I seriously sometimes open her dresser drawers to get a whiff of Dreft. Ahhhh. So, not only do I love the detergent, but I love this spray. It’s seriously gotten rid of every type of stain I’ve tried it on. My husband and I even use it on our own clothes! I also have the travel version in the diaper bag and it has come in so handy for those 0n-the-go messes. LOVE.

Original Moby Wrap – When we took our baby care class my husband was the real life class model for baby wearing. Actually, I volunteered him to be the class model when the teacher asked for one :) Either way, he quickly took a liking to the Moby so we made sure to get ours before Cecilia arrived. When we got home from the hospital, he was the only one he used to calm Cecilia down when nothing else would work. It seriously was like magic. She loved being cuddled up close to him and I know he loved being able to bond with her like I had for the nine months prior. I started using the Moby when Cecilia was about two months old and, again, she loved it. At first, it resulted in an instant nap for her. Now at 4 1/2 months she doesn’t nap in it as often, but loves that she is close to me and has the ability to move her head around and check out her surroundings. I love using it for walks around the neighborhood and when I’m out and can’t push her in the stroller and have a shopping cart.

Sophie the Giraffe – Sophie is not just hype. She’s for real. I don’t know what it is about her, but Cecilia LOVES her. She’ll eat her ears, her neck and her legs. Seriously, Sophie drowns in drool every time we use her. I love that she’s easy to clean and also squeaks to get Cecilia’s attention during the all-important tummy time. I was skeptical about Sophie because she’s so pricey for a teether, but Cecilia plays with her all day and we never go on a car trip without her.

Amazon Mom Diaper Delivery – Diapers delivered directly to your doorstep AND a 20% discount? NO BRAINER! It’s so convenient to not have to head out to the store every time you’re low on diapers and since you go through diapers like crazy, the discount is a huge incentive. We added Amazon Mom for free onto our Amazon Prime account and it was one of the best decisions. We’ve timed the delivery perfectly that now it comes right when we’re down to our last few.

Motorola MBP18 Monitor – Now that Cecilia is starting to sleep in her crib, this monitor has come in very handy. At first, I thought we’d just need an audio-only monitor since our condo is so tiny, but now that we have a video monitor I can’t imagine having any other type. I’m actually watching baby girl nap as I type this post :) A lot of monitors were two or three times the amount of this one, so I loved that this one has everything I need at a fraction of the price. The picture is clear and the monitor is the right size for me. I also love the zoom feature (for my one million checks to make sure she’s breathing) and assembly and installation were a breeze.

There you have it! Another installment of my five favorite baby items!

See you back here in six weeks for more!

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post and I have no affiliation with any of these companies besides the fact that I use and love their products :)

Monday Musings

monday musings

How was your weekend? This weekend we took our second family road trip! My husband played at a music festival in Ojai, so we went up a day early and spent it in Santa Barbara then headed down to Ojai for the rest of the weekend. Again, Cecilia did great and slept most of the time. We’re starting to get to know Santa Barbara a bit better and really like spending time there. We had a great Mexican dinner at Los Agaves then we were off to dessert at McConnell’s (more on them coming up in a post soon). Can’t wait to visit again!

Last summer when we were in Santa Barbara, we hit up the public market and really enjoyed it, so we went again for breakfast before making our way to Ojai. Of course, I had to get some sweets at Enjoy Cupcakes. Above are the brown butter brownie and olallieberry cobbler. My husband got the same cookie-wich I got last year. So good!

While Cecilia was taking a nap this weekend, I watched this hour-long Gilmore Girls reunion interview in its entirety. I was totally geeking out the whole time. I can’t even explain how much I love that show. I’d totally be down to watch a Gilmore movie.

Seriously, the only TV I’ve been watching lately is Dateline and Real Housewives of New York and Orange County. Dateline is awesome as always, and I’ve been into the Housewives this season. I hadn’t watched RHONY in a few seasons because I was a Bethenny fan and didn’t really have a strong liking for any of the other gals, but this year Bethenny is looking harsh! I know she’s going through a ton, but, man (!), she’s not giving some of the ladies the time of day and just being so abrasive. RHOOC just started this week and Heather is normally my favorite, but I was totally put of my her first scene this year talking about her new house. She never used to flaunt her money which is why I liked her, so I’m hoping she cools down as the season goes on.

I’m so excited because I think my husband and I are going to go to the drive-in this week with the baby! It’s been so long since I’ve been to the drive-in and I think it’s a good way to take the baby with us. I’m hoping she’ll just snooze the whole time and we can have a mini-date!

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Dried Cherries

These cookies aren’t for the faint of heart.

double chocolate brownie cookies with dried cherries

These cookies are for the chocoholics to end all chocoholics. Calling them “double chocolate cookies” doesn’t really do them justice so that’s why I added the “brownie” in the title. These babies are like fudgy brownies, but in cookie form. Oh, and you know, they’re totally healthy because not only is there a ton of heart-healthy dark chocolate in them, but there’s also dried fruit in them. Yes, fruit, so really these are a total health food, right? And since they’re healthy, that means the dozen of these I eat whenever I make them are no problem, right?

Ugh, I know…I’ll just keep dreaming.

double chocolate brownie cookies with dried cherries

I posted this recipe a while back on my first blog, The Pastry Posts. I’ve been wanting to re-post them here and finally got the opportunity to make them for a Mom’s Night Out even I went to a few weeks back. Even though these cookies are ridiculously good, these aren’t ones I like to make just to have around the house, because this recipe makes a bunch and I will literally eat them ALL if I don’t have a reason for 2/3 of them to go out the door to other people once they’re made.  Trust me, I’d love to have them around 24/7, but I’ve still got some baby weight to lose and my waist line can’t afford them :) With that said, I probably still ate about a dozen of them :/

double chocolate brownie cookies with dried cherries

Event though, I’ve just totally bad-mouthed these cookies and how non-waistline friendly they are, you should totally make them. Like right now. And then send some over my way :)

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Dried Cherries
Yields 2-3 dozen (depending on how thick you cut them)
*Adapted from Ghiradelli Chocolate Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies

12 ounces bittersweet chocolate
6 tablespoons unsalted butter
3 eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste (or extract)
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
10 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chunks (I buy the chocolate chunks from Trader Joes, but you could buy a semi-sweet chocolate bar and rough chop it for the same effect)
1 1/2 cups dried bing cherries, roughly chopped


  • In a double boiler, melt the bittersweet chocolate and butter.
  • Meanwhile, beat eggs and sugar together until light and fluffy.
  • Add vanilla and mix.
  • Combine flour and baking powder in a small bowl and set aside.
  • Mix the melted chocolate mix into the egg/sugar mix.
  • Add in the dry ingredients and mix until just combined.
  • Stir in chocolate chunks and dried cherries.
  • This mixture will be wet, so use plastic wrap and shape the dough into three logs.
  • Wrap tightly and refrigerate for at least two hours, or until it is nice and firm.
  • Once dough is firm, preheat your oven to 375F.
  • Unwrap the dough one log at a time and cut the log into approximately 1 inch slices and place slices at least 1 inch apart on a cookie sheet.
  • Bake cookies 13-15 minutes. You want the cookies to be nice and shiny on the outside, but still soft in the center.
  • Cool slightly and eat warm or cool completely and eat – they’re crazy good either way!
  • Enjoy!

Monday Musings

monday musings

How was your weekend? The weather was beautiful again here, so it was nice to get outside. Sunday morning, we took Cecilia to our favorite farmer’s market for the first time. I absolutely love taking her to new places and seeing the curiosity in her eyes. She so wide-eyed when we go to new places and I just wish I knew what she was thinking as she looks around!

Last week at Cecilia’s 4-month appointment we got the go-ahead from her pediatrician to start her on solid foods! After, the chef in me went crazy and started planning out the foods I would give her this month. We’re going by the new food every three days rule (to pinpoint any possible allergies) and so far she’s had avocado and banana. She looks at me like I’m crazy every time I put her in the high chair and start to prep her food, but she’s slowly getting the hang of it. She doesn’t eat a ton, maybe a couple of spoonfuls each day, but the facial expressions are priceless!

So, you know how I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Gilmore Girls? Like, seen every episode 100 times love. There was a reunion this weekend at a TV festival in Austin and I just about died reading this live blog. Apparently they also filmed a segment that is going to air on Today this week. Ack! Don’t mind me while I go total fan girl and dream that I was a resident of Stars Hollow.

Speaking of TV, I haven’t really been into it lately besides Real Housewives of New York. And, of course, my regular shows like Today and Ellen. Oh, and no matter what I watch Gilmore Girls re-runs on ABC Family every afternoon. Okay, I lie. Maybe I have been watching TV.

This week we’re taking our second family road trip! We’ll be heading up to Santa Barbara in a few days and spending some time there and in Ojai. Santa Barbara is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots, so I’m excited to head back and eat our way through the town! Be sure to follow us along on our trip over on Instagram.

I’ve been reading a ton lately! I’m already on my fourth book of my 10 book goal for the summer! Just hoping I can keep it up!

Madonna Inn {San Luis Obispo, CA}

Hotwire never fails me.

madonna inn {san luis obispo}

When Travis and I first decided to take the first part of our road trip north in two legs, we very quickly decided that we would make San Luis Obispo our home for the night. Not only was it a good mid-way stopping point, but we stopped there twice on last year’s summer road trip and really loved the downtown area and wanted to explore it more. So what did I do? Hopped onto Hotwire to find us a hotel. Surprisingly, even though there are a ton of hotels in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas, they are not cheap! I’m talking 2-star hotels in the mid-$100s. Even through we spent more than we thought, we both were happy we ended up getting the Madonna Inn. Well, actually I was super happy we got it, but my husband was a bit skeptical.

Growing up, we’d take a ton of road trips between our home in Northern California down to the southern part of the state either to go to Disneyland, San Diego or to visit family down in Mexico. I always remember passing by Madonna Inn and wanting to stay there just because of how it looked on the outside. It is right off the highway and really looks like something out of a fairy tale. Come to find out, each of the 110 rooms is uniquely decorated with a different name and theme and range in styles from ornate antique to wacky and whimsical. Some rooms even have waterfalls and/or rock showers!

There are pictures of each room on their website and if you book through the resort itself, you can pick your price category and request a specific room, though the room is not 100% guaranteed and based on availability. My favorite rooms are Austrian Suite, Caveman, Desert Sands, EdelweissRocky Mountain and Yosemite Rock.

madonna inn {san luis obispo}


madonna inn {san luis obispo}


madonna inn {san luis obispo}

Before we stayed there, I didn’t know that Madonna Inn had two restaurants (which were totally packed when we were there), a cocktail lounge, a bakery and a spa. There are also gorgeous trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Seriously, this place has everything. And if somehow none of those things interest you, downtown San Luis Obispo is less than 10 minutes away.

madonna inn {san luis obispo}


madonna inn {san luis obispo}


madonna inn {san luis obispo}


madonna inn {san luis obispo}

The check-in staff was super friendly, asked how our trip was and offered us some cookies from the bakery which I obviously accepted :) I was told our room was called “Time of Your Life” and was given a map of the grounds, directions for how to get to our room and where to park. When you read the name of our room did the song from Dirty Dancing pop into your head? It totally did for me. I was hoping our room would somehow be a Dirty Dancing theme, but it was a Mardi Gras theme – also awesome.

I hopped back into our car and up the hill we went to our room. I loved that parking was crazy easy and we always had a spot directly in front of our room. Since this was our first time traveling with Cecilia, I totally over-packed and brought half of the things she owns, so the closer parking spot was a life-saver after the long car trip. Right across from our room was the Madonna Inn Secret Garden (see the photos above) which Cecilia and I explored after we settled in.

madonna inn {san luis obispo}

madonna inn {san luis obispo}


madonna inn {san luis obispo}

I totally forgot to take a picture of our room before it got filled with all of our stuff, but you can check out a picture here. Yes, the walls of the room were a shimmery purple brick and, yes, the walls of the bathroom were a purple glitter wall paper. It was awesome. The room was spacious. In it were two double beds, a sofa, TV, desk area, closet and window seat. There was also a door that adjoined it to one of the rooms next to it, should you stay there with a larger family. The bathroom was fairly large as well and I loved that it had double sinks and a nice walk-in shower.

After we settled in, Cecilia and I went on a walk of the grounds. The resort is expansive and is nestled in the mountains so it’s very scenic. The trip up the hill to the spa area was a bit of a hike, but it was a gorgeous winding trail lined with flowers, bushes and trees. The secret garden was also a nice area to explore because it had a little pond, gazebo and an actual garden where they were growing herbs and vegetables.

But want to know my favorite part of our room? THE BATHROBE IN THE CLOSET! Seriously. It was bright pink and I probably looked like cotton candy wearing it, but I told my husband I felt like I was being hugged by a cloud. I honestly said those exact words. If I could buy ten of them, I would.

Overall, we loved our stay at Madonna Inn. Even my husband (who was totally skeptical before we arrived) enjoyed it and said he would gladly stay there again. I also highly recommend it if you find yourself in the San Luis Obispo area and want to stay somewhere a little less ordinary.

We’ll be back!


Monday Musings

monday musings

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty low key. We spent most of it relaxing and getting things done around the house, but Saturday night we had a family date night in our North Park neighborhood for their monthly 30th on 30th event. 30th Street is the main street that runs throughout our North Park neighborhood so on the 30th of each month most of the bars, restaurants and stores have specials from 6-9pm. We started off at our favorite taco place then moved to Urban Solace (one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants) and then ended at the local ice cream shop. It was a perfect night weather-wise which made me excited for summer walks as a family of three :)

My new breakfast every morning has become avocado toast with a fried egg on top. If I could have it for every meal, I would.

Before every Stroller Strides class we go around and introduce ourselves and our children and answer a “get to know you” question. This past week one of the teachers asked us to name our two favorite shows currently on TV. I honestly was at a loss since all three of the scripted shows I watch came to an end this year (Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood and Mad Men). All I could think of were the Housewives. I really need to find new shows and not just guilty pleasures!

Speaking of my shows that are no longer on TV, I wish that once TV shows were off the air, they’d come back sometimes. Not just in movie form like Sex and the City, but like come back on for full seasons. Why doesn’t that happen? In the late 90s I went and saw Eric Clapton on his supposed farewell tour. Meaning after we saw him he said he was never going to play again. Um, he’s still played concerts every year since, I think. Why can’t TV shows do that? Be like “hey guys, we’re done, this was fun” but then two years later say “just kidding” and come back on?

Oh, wait, I did think of two shows on TV that I like – Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I never really watch them when they’re on though, and just watch repeats on cable. Does that count?